Recent Updates:

November 11th: Happy Skyrim release day! I've been working on lots of little changes here and there. Big updates to Fiction coming soon.
November 8th: Well, all good things must come to an end. LEGO has ended our entire studio. Time for more changes and more decisions to be made.
April 18th: Beginning another new chapter in Quality Assurance. I love my job!
March 12th: Fixed a few various problems. Resume is updated!
Dec 18th:
Moved again, this time to Colorado. Things have been constrained for time. Hopefully going to do serious work on this again over the next few days. Trying to migrate to a new computer at the moment...
Sept 21st: So, as expected, relocating has cut back on my Website Updating Time. However, I am still alive! Should get the rest of Night Falls up pretty soon, considering it's done and all, just need to make the chapters into pdfs.... someday I promise.... :D
July 29th: Excuse my lack of updates. I have a game designer job! I'm relocating to South Carolina. I will resume regular updates as soon as I can.
July 2nd: Did some graphical work, nothing special.
June 30th: My resume is now downloadable from the home page.
June 29th: Large addition to site: games header. all kinds of info about my student project.
June 27th: Five more chapters of Night Falls available for download. Additional information for each novel.
June 26th:
All novels now have a synopsis. Beware spoilers, but enjoy.
June 20th:
Added some links to the elsewhere section. Various changes throughout site.
June 19th:6-10 of Night Falls is available.
June 17th: I just put the first 5 chapters of Night Falls for download. I also did fancy coding to my news over here but you guys don't care about that, do you?
June 17th: Uploaded the site for the first time! Now on to adding more content. Because it's lacking.
June 16th: "Angels" available for reading. I'll switch it to downloadable later.