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Please note that only finished or published titles may be present here. I am not at liberty to disclose information on projects I may have worked on which are not yet completed.


LEGO Universe

NetDevil (formerly)/LEGO Playwell Studios (2010-2011)



Original LEGO MMOG; 8-12 year old target audience



LEGO Universe was in development for a long time before I joined the team as a Quality Assurance Tester. I had the pleasure of working for 6 months on the unreleased game, particularly the build experience, and then over a year of time on the live game. As such, I spent probably an equal amount of my time working on very much in-development maps and features as I did checking hotfixes on multiple branch environments. I also frequently ran the Quality Assurance team as we did weekly maintenance, coordinating with Release Management and Hosting.



Unfortunately, LEGO decided in November 2011 to shut down the game, and our studio as well. Until the end of January 2012 the beginning of LEGO Universe is available to play for free here. After that time, it will only be available to look at movies and screenshots.


Update: Some of the concept art team put together this great blog! http://imagininglu.blogspot.com/



Flash Games

KizToys (2009)






In 2009, I worked as a Game Designer for KizToys, Inc. in the lovely, humid state of South Carolina. Initially, the project was going to be an original MMOG for kids, and I spent the first few months working with the Hero Engine, working with in-house tools, and assisting with the creation, documentation, and design of levels, towns, and instanced dungeons. However, the focus shifted partway through to working on flash games to be embedded into the MMOG, and after I departed the company to relocate to Colorado, they canceled the Hero Engine MMOG and went ahead with browser-based games.



The flash games currently on their website are available here.

As of this writing, games I designed would include Flower Defense (original concept only), Gear Mania, Aim n Shoot, and Kiz Memory. I also helped our one-person Quality Assurance team with testing all of the minigames extensively.



Student Projectcover art for ziggurat six

Ziggurat Six - 2007 (Viking Jack)




Ziggurat Six is the final game project I created at Full Sail. Its development cycle was five months long, and I was Project and Design Lead for our five-person development team, Viking Jack. The project required completion of two complete game levels and a finished game bible, both of which are available here for download.

Note that our project was required to work on Windows XP, under a predetermined hardware environment which may not duplicate the same results as an average person's computer. For example, on my new desktop PC, some of the audio files don't play correctly. NVidia users may experience difficulties with our shaders.

High Concept

It is the year 2138… mankind’s reach encompasses nearly the whole solar system… five colonies thrive, yet one force threatens to overwhelm them all… What is the secret of Ziggurat Six?

In an epic struggle for control of the galaxy’s power, grab your plasma gun and blow away hordes of supernatural monsters that threaten the stability of the colonies!


  • Overall Goal:
    • Defend the solar system by killing as many invading aliens as you can!
  • Individual level goals:
    • Survive as long as possible by picking up time orbs and upgrading your weapons strategically.
    • Get the high score by killing lots of enemies and surviving a long period of time.
  • Advancement:
    • Navigate dangerous, trap-filled areas.
    • Improve your weapons by accumulating items from defeated enemies.


Complete game bible, including code samples: .pdf download (1.62 MB)


.exe download (27.8 MB). Note: Student-born game engine code does not age well and we seem to have shader and/or audio problems on modern hardware.

Screen Shots

A Gryphon swoops in for the kill while an Anubis lurks in the shadows Surrounded by Anubis, the outlook is grim Anubis chasing the player up the starting ramp on Titan
A Gryphon spitting fire at the player. Destructible boxes beside him A plasma bolt rips through the air toward the player, locked in battle with multiple enemies Only seven seconds left, but surrounded by Gryphons
With no shield, facing this many enemies will be a challenge Anubis just keep coming - keep moving!


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