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All fiction will eventually have readable samples, however not all are uploaded at this time.


The synopsis for Blood Runs, by necessity, reveals past events that took place during Moon Rises. Likewise, Dawn Shatters' synopsis may spoil the earth-shattering ending to Blood Runs. DO NOT proceed if you are attempting to enjoy the storyline spoiler-free! [Return to Writing]



Starting at a young age, I've always wanted to tell stories. It's been challenging for me to maintain this interest while also attending game programming school (though I did graduate, and finished Blood Runs around this time), and later, while dealing with the 'working world' it was equally difficult to find time to write. But somehow, I have squeezed several books into my spare time!


Perhaps because of my time constraints, it's never been easy for me to call a book 'finished.' There's always something that will come to me later, or worse, a typo/confusing sentence that somehow slips through the first few thousand times I re-read my work. So, novels listed here are complete save any small edits - no big changes forthcoming here.

Night/Moon/Blood Trilogy

Night Falls

Synopsis - Read the Beginning - More Stuff

Moon Rises

Synopsis - Read the Beginning - More Stuff

Blood Runs

Synopsis - Read the Beginning - More Stuff


It was going to just be a trilogy, but I couldn't stop...!


Later Books

Dawn Shatters

Synopsis - Read the Beginning - More Stuff


[Book 5 currently in progress!]


In Progress (With working titles)

I've been working on most of the following for some time, often using it as a break from Nicci Alexander's universe. That isn't to say that I'm completely done writing about werewolves, vampires, and their ilk, but regardless, books listed here are still being worked on. They should, one day, when they grow up, move to the realm of 'novel' no matter their current length. I usually write on one for a while and then switch and wonder why I never finish any of them.


Two Worlds (Supernatural)

Teaser available on my blog


Wolf (Supernatural)

[information forthcoming]


Wasteland (Post-apocalyptic)

Excerpt available on my blog


Family Circus (Weird modern crime)

[information forthcoming]


Short Stories


Read (.pdf)

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