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WordPress Blog. I recommend this one for anyone with interest in my creative work.

facebook - personal page removed - 'fan' page or w/e it's called these days, is forthcoming.

Tumblr. Things I like, spontaneous creativity, references back to my occasional game reviews (which originate on WordPress). If you're determined, follow my rss for some perhaps uncensored occasional nonsense.

Pandora. Listen to my music stations


Other Recommended Things

Talented Artists and Individuals

My entrepeunering mom has a great website, Etsy store, and blog. Check out her artwork, animal portraits, and other one-of-a-kind creations. Her publishing blog Words on Wings, here.

My sister, too, is incredibly talented, especially if you appreciate ink work and fantasy art, you can and should go Like her on Facebook!

Botonist and horticulturally-inclined folk should check out my dad's incredibly informative rare fruit website.

If you love amazing pilots and great adventures, you should also check out my grandfather's book, Ferry Command Pilot, available on the Amazon Kindle Store.



I read a lot of webcomics. But here are my favorites!

the phoenix requieum banner -beautiful and fascinating

Hark! A Vagrant - I can't recommend this enough if you like history, literature, and/or laughing

Octopus Pie - story of 2 women in Brooklyn

xkcd - for those who appreciate sarcasm and geekiness

Penny Arcade - classic choice for gamers and their comrades


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