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b. 9-14-1986

astronomical correlations: virgo, tiger

favorite color: blue

favorite novel: The Stranger by Albert Camus

occupation: contracted QA for LEGO; game designer; writer

current location: lafayette, co, usa

previous locations: charleston, sc, usa

millville, new jersey, usa

orlando, florida, usa

englewood, florida, usa

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Jamie was born in sunny Florida and is therefore well-versed in the art of hurricane survival. She has obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree from Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL. Her major is in Game Design & Development, which is a shortened way of saying 'tons of programming in C++ and by the way also storytelling, scheduling, and loads of documentation.' While attending, she served as Project & Design Lead on a student project, created by her production group, Viking Jack Games: Ziggurat Six. A third-person action game with a science fiction setting, its two complete levels are available under the games heading. (Virus-free, although plenty of graphical and sound bugs prevail.)

Throughout her life she has maintained a borderline-unhealthy fascination with a variety of unrelated things, such as vampires and the supernatural, video games, dragons, world history, anthropology, amateur astronomy, programming and scripting, traveling, and physics. However, most of her waking free time is spent writing, and as a byproduct also in reading everything she can.

She recently relocated from New Jersey to South Carolina in order to work as a Game Designer for Kiz Toys. After a while in the humid and uncertain South she has moved across country to Lafayette, outside Boulder, Colorado and began work in Quality Assurance as a contractor for the LEGO Universe MMOG. After a year of being live, however, LEGO pulled the plug on the project and with it the entire PlayWell Studio in Louisville, CO.

Jamie is presently working onpublication for her four novels. She also loves blogging, particularly about video games, and is available to write or edit on commission. Please see the contact page for relevant information to getting in touch with her, be it for publication, game design work, or various questions. Also, if you are a web designer looking to expand your portfolio, I do not enjoy web design as you can plainly see :) so drop me a line (I'm drowning).

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