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Night Falls


An average college-dropout girl has her life changed forever when she becomes the focus of a vampire - a creature she believed only existed in the movies. But his permanent marking bite has turned her into a brainwashed servant, unable to push the questions she desperately needs answered: why her? Who is he, really? And what has he turned her into? Can he maintain control over her every thought forever?

Without knowing even his real name, she arbitrarily chooses "Saxon" as his pseudonym, and he renames her "Nicci" in honor of her new life, if you can call it that. "Life" is further complicated for the pair when she is nearly kidnapped by another man - and discovers him to be another creature, one stranger and more beautiful than anything she'd imagined before.

This faerie brings a lot more trouble into the picture, for both Nicci and Saxon. As Aisling questions her loyalty to Saxon, Nicci is forced to confront her changed self - and realize that the power growing inside of her must be controlled.


Originally completed in 2003, Night Falls has seen more revisions and updates than any of my other works. However, I do consider the novel complete, so once chapters have been posted here I do not forsee any future updates, save grammatical corrections.

Chapters 1-5: Download .pdf

Chapters 6-10: Download .pdf

Chapters 11-15: Download .pdf


Approximate completion of first draft: 2003

Approximate word count: 136,000

Length: 25 Chapters

Anything I dig up on my computer relevant to this novel will be presented here in the future.

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