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Moon Rises


Moon Rises begins a few months after the events of Night Falls. In the interim, not much has changed, but Nicci, Saxon and Aisling have been receiving grisly 'presents' at the doorstep. Events lead them deep into Manhattan's underground, where a network of rooms and passages below the subways house whole populations of shapeshifters.

Saxon and Aisling's interference with the werewolves and werepanthers in Night Falls has not gone unnoticed, and now they have to deal with the consequences of bad decisions made in search of a quick buck. Meanwhile, Nicci is dealing with problems of her own - and not just because her own power of sorcery is almost entirely out of her control. Aisling's efforts to win her heart - or, as he claims, to save her from the deadend-path of a vampire's lover - brings up issues between her and Saxon. Forced to question her idea of his past and present identities, she finds refuge in an unlikely place. It is here that she will find new friends and here that her life changes forever.




Approximate completion of first draft: 2004

Approximate word count: 126,000

Length: 30 Chapters

Anything I dig up on my computer relevant to this novel will be presented here in the future.

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