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Dawn Shatters

Synopsis (Spoilers for Blood Runs)

A few weeks after Blood Runs, Nicci and Saxon have attempted a step forward towards a normal life. But things are now anything but, and not just for them. Nicci's inadvertant release of a demon in Manhattan has given everyone the ability to detect supernatural powers - worldwide. As society reels with the implications of supernatural civil rights and the definition of 'human,' our harried protagonists have problems of their own.

Nicci's sorcery is finally (slowly) responding to her wishes, but now that she has been given the gift of healing others, she faces the idea of never-ending responsibility. Meanwhile, Cernion, the unicorn freed from Xander's underground, is put in the celebrity spotlight and idolized for his mythological status. Logan and his werepanthers are trying to balance cooperation with the human government (and police) versus the rights and protection of their pack - not to mention maintaining the same anonymity that has protected their members for generations.

As life multiplies in complexity for everyone, Saxon is faced with the biggest problem of them all: someone from the past has found him, but toys with him and Nicci from afar, orchestrating seemingly-unrelated events to one final ultimatum.




Approximate completion of first draft: 2009

Approximate word count: 204,000

Length: 25 Chapters

Anything I dig up on my computer relevant to this novel will be presented here in the future.

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