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Blood Runs

Synopsis (Spoilers for Moon Rises)

Following Saxon's abrupt departure in Moon Rises, Nicci is morose and heartbroken. Blaming herself, she becomes unconsolable and moody, frequently damning Aisling just as often as she begs him to stay with her. Still feeling loyal to the vampiric man she drove away, she refuses to let herself love Aisling, and instead surrounds herself with her new, shapeshifting friends.

But her heartbreak is not the biggest of her problems. Xander, alpha of the werewolf pack wronged in Moon Rises, is out for revenge. As Nicci dodges bullets (poorly) and enlists magical and investigative assistance to track down her missing vampire lover, she also learns of Xander's dark secret and source of his unnatural powers.




Approximate completion of first draft: 2005

Approximate word count: 140,000

Length: 25 Chapters

Anything I dig up on my computer relevant to this novel will be presented here in the future.

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